Verein der Donaudeutschen

The Verein der Donaudeutschen was founded in 1957 by newly arriving immigrants mostly from the Southeastern part of Europe. The Verein provided for new arrivals the opportunity to meet socially to promote German heritage, language and culture. The Verein

Schuhplattler Verein Heidengold

To promote, advance, preserve, and perpetuate German and Tyrolean folk dancing, customs, costumes, and culture The Schuhplattler Verein Heidengold was founded in 1979 by German immigrants and friends to preserve German heritage and culture through dance a

Rochester Touristen Verein

To perpetuate the ideals, values and culture of its founders. To manage RTV assets and natural resources responsibly. To be good stewards of the land. To be a good neighbor in the community. To respect its members and enjoy companionship, conversation and

Rochester Schwaben Verein

The Rochester Schwaben Verein, Inc., was organized on October 17, 1875. The original purpose of the Verein was to create an association of good fellowship, bringing together all the Schwaben people in the Rochester area to cultivate customs and language o

Rochester Saenger Chor

The Saenger Chor has a history dating back to 1884 when it was founded as a double quartet. The group grew significantly after WWI with the influx of immigrants. Likewise after WWII when it reached its peak in membership. The Chorus traveled to song festi

Greater Beneficial Union

Our society, the Greater Beneficial Union (GBU) was founded as an ethnic German fraternal organization on April 13, 1892 by German immigrants who had settled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Originally named the Deutscher Unterstützungs-Bund or German Benefi

Evangelischer St. lukas Kreis

The Evangelischer St. Lukas Kreis is an informal fellowship of believers that meets every week after the German service at Reformation Lutheran Church in downtown Rochester, New York.  The St. Lukas Kreis was formed in 1984, after the merger of the St. L

Bavarian-Verein Alpengrün

The Bayern-Verein Alpengrün was founded in 1932 by Bavarian immigrants with the purpose of carrying on the customs and costumes and traditional folk dancing of Bavaria. The Bavarian Verein Alpengrün is comprised of enthusiastic children and adults that